Why Wine

Learn How Wine Investing Brings Not Only Joy, but Also Great Returns, Outperforming Traditional Markets

The wine market has outperformed the traditional financial markets over last 2 decades, including the crisis times.

Why Wine

The Liv-ex 1000 Fine Wine index consistently returned 21% annually since 2003!

Why Wine

Wine Performance Explained

Scarcity :

Investment-grade wines are only produced in limited quantities every year - less than a thousand bottles per winery. The number shrinks with time as more wine is consumed.

Aging :

The wine gets better with time, thereby its value is also consistently growing.

Reputation :

The big names in the industry like Chateau Margaux, Chateau Palmer, Dom Perignon have a very strong reputation and history behind the name, which gives them power to command high prices on their produce, starting at hundreds of dollars.

Why investing in wine is beneficial?

Inflation-Resistant :

Rising inflation makes everything more expensive - fuel, food, flight tickets. At the same time fine wine is not really affected by it, making it a great “inflation hedge”

Low Volatility :

Fine wine market is very stable, similar to AAA bonds volatility. You can expect consistent returns even during the turbulent times.

No correlation with Financial Markets :

Fine wine market has no correlation to the financial markets. During the pandemic in 2020-2021 all major indices recorded huge losses with S&P 500 diving -19.6% and Dow Jones dropping by -22.7%, while the Fine wine market only fell -1.4%!

Physical Product & Ownership

Unlike Financial market investments your wealth is not a string of numbers on the screen, you own a real physical asset by 100%. Even if the entire financial system collapses tomorrow your wine will still be there, can’t be sure about your deposit in the bank.

Tax Advantages

All wines are stored in bonded warehouse, meaning there is no excise duty or VAT charged, so you can directly benefit from the significant tax advantage.

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