About Us

Who we are

Cellar is an online platform providing its users with limited opportunities, allowing the purchase of physical assets that can be viewed as both a commodity and an investment if stored and not consumed. We focus on sourcing unique products across different categories for our users.

Our Mission : Our mission is to provide accessibility and flawless purchase process of limited categories of products that were previously reserved for a niche group of Aristocrats and Ultra-Wealthy individuals to enjoy.

Our Values

Security : The security of our users’ assets is our top priority. We ensure the end owner of any product is able to obtain their assets at their will.

Transparency : We are very open on all stages of the process from sourcing to purchasing and to selling. We ensure the user gets the best and flawless experience with us.

Accessibility : The key to our business is accessibility as we aim to provide the best in class service to users all around the world.

Authenticity : We work rigorously with our vendors and counterparts to ensure the products we offer on our platform are best-in-class investable assets that have been checked and approved for authenticity.

Our Purpose : We strongly believe everyone should have equal opportunities to preserve and grow their wealth. We aim to bridge the gap between the highly sought-after yet hardly accessible assets and people looking to diversify and benefit from stable returns.